Chromaroma London Transport Game

I have lived in London all my life almost 23 years now and I have ashamedly not explored it as much as I could have. I have seen so many places that have interested me but just never decided to start to explore. So when I found this project by Mudlark it really intrigued me, it is a game where your data travel is taken and then is made into a competition for the day. You could do it with your friends or compete  against them, London essentially becomes a playground for you and your friends to explore. I really love the maps that are produced too because a big part of the game that it is based on colour and it even becomes territorial so when you view the maps you these nice wave of colours travelling all over. It is a really a beautiful way to communicate the journey’s you and others have been taken. The most awesome thing is that this game is ready and available to join, as long as you live in London that is. Just Click Chromaroma to get started.

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