Pixel By Studio505

Studio505 was approached by Grocon (Location Melbourne, Australia) to design a building and here is the result and to be honest it is an amazing outcome. You have beautiful surprises on the exterior and interior. The brief for studio505 was to design a carbon neutral home for the sales offices and the development team, also they required a display suit area and a green roof top viewing area.

The wonderful thing about this project is that not only did they think about the aesthetics of they also highly considered the functionality of this building. The building has been designed to be self sustainable , when it comes to water. The building collects rain water over a period of time and then is reused throughout the building, they have been able to calculate the amount of rain water which has fell between 1999 -2009 to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of water. Pixel actually has the most advanced water systems ever to built. Concerning the facade of the building it is very different with the angular polygonal shapes it seems to really work well, my guess is that they were exploring unique ways to balance the amount of sunlight let in and let out. They could have explored more with shapes and sizes, it would have made the project a more interesting one.

In terms of environmental ratings pixel really is doing is best to have the highest ever ratings. The building has already achieved 105 greenstar points, it is also already Australia’s first carbon neutral office building. Combing the environmental rating schemes of the US, UK and Australian pixel is at the foremost part of the spectrum when it comes to environment buildings. I do love this project, it is well thought out, the design is beautiful, and can’t go wrong with a bit of sustainability.

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