Icon of Cool: Wale Oyejide

If you haven’t heard of the name before I am sure you will after he is responsible for the amazing blog Less Gentlemen, where he shares a plethora of information including fashion, music and lifestyle. He is currently working as a Attorney in Philadelphia, he used to be musician before he decided to Law School. This first thing I respect about Wale is the he has found a real unique way to write in his blog, by almost unearthing this musical poetry through his musings. I also adore the photography on this website and 12RND is responsible for such quality.

Wale was one of Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Men and he is included in many sartorial circles including The Selected Few & The Commonwealth Proper. All the outfits on the website, are either bespoke or fit really well, he is also all about the details; from pocket square to hand jewellery. The pattern and colour is what really catches my attention, they are individually very different but combined work wonderfully. In terms of bespoke suiting and true style, Wale represents the reason why it needs to be done so well because it has become who he is. Granted he does not sleep & eat in tailored suits, but he has made it something more that just dressing well but a representation of what he does and who he is.

When you read his blog posts it always feels like you could do that much more to achieve your dreams and you have the overwhelming feeling that your dreams are in your hands it just takes hard work . He is a man that has worked hard to get where is and and be able to expose himself the way he has. Do Check his website  Less Gentlemen it is great inspiration.

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2 thoughts on “Icon of Cool: Wale Oyejide

  1. Toyin Dawudu says:

    Very interesting post!!! I definitely like the way in which is mixes the textures and colours. As stylish as he looks, it always screams comfort.

  2. Kwame Afriyie says:

    Yeah he really does pull of the mixture of colours very well, and everything just seems to fit well.

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