Behind The Cool…

This blog is about all the things I consider cool. As an architect I have always had an interest in Design and fashion. I hope to use this blog to publicly show the work  I do, hoping that this blog is a platform into the world of creativity. I have always been interested in the arts and it ability to be so free with so many different mediums, and penetrating different sectors of our everyday lives. The works where they have been found in unlikely places have always struck a cord with me.

My name is Kwame Afriyie aged 22, I currently live in Peckham London, a place which has also spiked my inspiration. The people and art school has really brought an edge to Peckham and it has helped me develop more of an interest in Fashion  & arts. I am in love with London at the moment the, in terms of creativity London is really booming. I am extremely excited that I am living in and amongst all this creativity. I currently work with a town planner working on different types of projects. I am also a guest blogger on Art n Hustle, although I have not blogged on there in a really long time.


4 thoughts on “Behind The Cool…

  1. Interesting blog you have here!

    Thanks for following Lessons by Heart.
    Praising Jesus – the Creator!

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