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Luminarie De Cagna at Ghent Light Festival

With Ghent Light Festival offering 30 installations this year there were a lot of exhbitions to tickle the fancy of light design enthusiasts but this year the installation that stole the show was cathedral light installation called Luminarie De Cagna. With over 55,000 LED lights standing tall and proud it represented this years festivals theme of happiness and music, it must have been a sight to behold. You would think looking at it, that it would be a waste of electricity but it uses only 20KWatt/h, also the installation takes the audience through a fairy tale like journey. The entrance alone measured up to 28 metres high, with that kind of height only awe comes to mind. Check out the pictures and the videos below.

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La Ville Molle (The Soft City)

La Ville Molle is a small project I found to really play on the idea of how everyday pedestrians interact with their local urban landscape. The project was done by a group called The Raum, it was created at the National Superior School of Art in Bourges, France.

From a distance it looks like a big bulge in the middle of the ground but as you proceed to step on it you feel this fluid surface and you notice the beautiful ripple effect across the rest of the bulge. This piece of art even gives the small space a chance of inhabitance, turning this project into an interesting architecture project. The notion of play really comes to mind when you think of these ignored spaces where people just walk by, have been given the chance to be recognised and has been given some significance.

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The Vault of Ultimate Cool – Tumblr

The Vault of Ultimate Cool – Tumblr

This is a small post about the tumblr site that accompanies this blog, admittedly I did start this tumblr before my blog. The tumblr blog is the place where all my inspiration lies like a mini portal into my creative mind. I am always things new creative things and hopefully in the coming months I will be able to share that with you guys, I am currently working on a number of projects and improving on some past things. Please do take the time to look through my blog and I hope that it may  trigger some creative juices.

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Leagas Delaney recycled sheets

I am really liking these posters the purpose of them is to promote Leagas Delancy recycled sheets for plant for the planet it is a children’s organization based in Germany. The organization has itself a target to grow 12 billion trees. The message of the posters are very simple that ‘each sheet absorbs the CO2’

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Street Painting Take Over

Recently it has been really interesting to see Street Painting to really come out as an art form and grace and out wonderful streets and architecture. This time though I am not talking in the League of the of Banksy, a lot bigger. Street painting has been accepted as an art form that really enhances the fabric of a community and gives an identity to a particular area or building. It also is a great way for artists to show the level of creativity, to be honest it is not just painting on random walls. The areas that street painting has cropped up really challenges thought process in an artist mind, gone are the days when trouble makers take to the streets to graffiti their ‘tags’. It is the age of the artistes to rebel. I have a selection of some of my favourite street paintings, enjoy.

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Madison Street Bicycle

For my first I thought I would grace you with some beautiful design, I don’t even own a bike but I can really appreciate the beauty in this bike. It is called Madison Street and was made by Detroit Bicycle Company. The first look at their bikes you first notice that gorgeous copper frame, and its nicely designed handles. Quick look at their bikes also tells you that this company is all about the the the details of the design and quality of the parts. Each bike is customised, so prices will vary.

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