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The Stone

I won’t usually be talking about conceptual projects but I thought this one was very interesting it is by the swedish studio rak-arkitektur called the stone. The project was the winner of the camelot at cockfosters to design a cultural center on a North London site, it is believed that the site was the realm of King Arthur. The building design is based on the stone which King Arthur is believed to have removed the excalibur sword from, in the 5th Century. There will be a glass shard on the top of the building where a skylight light will shine through. The intentions of the building is to hope to bring people of different religions together and to also celebrate some music and theatre. Enjoy.

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La Ville Molle (The Soft City)

La Ville Molle is a small project I found to really play on the idea of how everyday pedestrians interact with their local urban landscape. The project was done by a group called The Raum, it was created at the National Superior School of Art in Bourges, France.

From a distance it looks like a big bulge in the middle of the ground but as you proceed to step on it you feel this fluid surface and you notice the beautiful ripple effect across the rest of the bulge. This piece of art even gives the small space a chance of inhabitance, turning this project into an interesting architecture project. The notion of play really comes to mind when you think of these ignored spaces where people just walk by, have been given the chance to be recognised and has been given some significance.

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Word Trade Center – 90th Floor Views

It seems construction on the World Trade Center is coming along soon, they are now on the 90th Floor. Believe it or not they have 14 more floors to go, I do think the views are just breathtaking and it will be a special building when it is completed. It is set to be the tallest building in Manhattan when it is completed in 2013, the public have also been promised some Christmas lights surrounding the building. The architect in charge of the build is the famous David Childs.


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Pixel By Studio505

Studio505 was approached by Grocon (Location Melbourne, Australia) to design a building and here is the result and to be honest it is an amazing outcome. You have beautiful surprises on the exterior and interior. The brief for studio505 was to design a carbon neutral home for the sales offices and the development team, also they required a display suit area and a green roof top viewing area.

The wonderful thing about this project is that not only did they think about the aesthetics of they also highly considered the functionality of this building. The building has been designed to be self sustainable , when it comes to water. The building collects rain water over a period of time and then is reused throughout the building, they have been able to calculate the amount of rain water which has fell between 1999 -2009 to ensure that there is a sufficient amount of water. Pixel actually has the most advanced water systems ever to built. Concerning the facade of the building it is very different with the angular polygonal shapes it seems to really work well, my guess is that they were exploring unique ways to balance the amount of sunlight let in and let out. They could have explored more with shapes and sizes, it would have made the project a more interesting one.

In terms of environmental ratings pixel really is doing is best to have the highest ever ratings. The building has already achieved 105 greenstar points, it is also already Australia’s first carbon neutral office building. Combing the environmental rating schemes of the US, UK and Australian pixel is at the foremost part of the spectrum when it comes to environment buildings. I do love this project, it is well thought out, the design is beautiful, and can’t go wrong with a bit of sustainability.

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Monumental Interactive Smiley: Fuhlometer

This is an interesting project to say the least it by three german artists Richard Wilhelmer, Julius von Bismarck and Benjamin Maus. The project is based on the mood of Lindau, there is a digital camera in place that takes pictures of passers by. Then there is a system that reads the emotions of random peoples faces the data is then stored in a computer and is the processed and projected through a smiley face, working in real time. The project started in 2008 with an earlier version and it looks like it has come back. The materials used are a mixture of neon lights and steel structure. The smiley face has also been placed on top of a watch-tower in Lindau, Germany. The project has been really well thought out, from concept to production. Although it may seem like a small project it has such a great impact on the surrounding city. And there is a nice quirkiness to the project.

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