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Mythical Universe – Everos Aether

With The likes of Daphne and Gaga being big fans, and the fact he has only been running for a year now Erevos Aether is already up there with the great Fashion Visionaries. With his new collection he starts to explore the female form and how superior the female body can actually be. The details are really something out of this world even the photography, literally. He took the inspiration from the universe. With Dark blues, black and greens it is a really dark collection but with this Dark collection there is a plethora of detail and consideration to the female form. Enjoy the visuals.

I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything but I have had a major project on but I will be back with more Cool.

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Gloverall A/W 2012

Gloverall is one of my favourite brands, they have the best duffle coats, they are the first company to start making duffle coats in the early 1950’s. I hope to later on do a post about the the history of the gloverall company. I already own a gloverall and it is my favoirite jacket for the winter season, it is an amazing piece in my wardrobe. Today’s post though is about gloverall autumn and winter collection for this year, showing their diverse offerings of jackets, I am loving the colours and the the bags look amazing. The red bag with the rope is looking like a must have in my collection, it also screams quality too. Enjoy the rest of the collection.

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Levi’s Vintage Clothing Website

Levi’s Vintage Clothing Website

Ever since the Levi’s brand was created they main goal and passion was to create work wear and it lead them to starting a revolution for denim. Levi’s has the longest heritage in terms of denim and they have have always been the g0-to guys for great denim wear. They have also been legendary not only in denim but in other essential work wear. It is great news that they have released a website they showcases all their vintage products and not only that they have provided us the history Levi’s and the foundation that made them such an amazing brand.

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Comme des Garcons Junya Wantanbe F/W 2012

Comme De Garcons Junya Wantanbe Fall Winter 2012 preview on the catwalk has come out, and what a preview we have here. The collection was shown at Paris, as you can clearly see a lot of the pieces are workwear inspired. This collection gives us a different play with texture on texture and less detailed patterns. Also a lot of the pieces seem to be very utilitarian, I also like the colour play it allows the textures and pieces to stand out. There are a plethora of different materials and styes used to make this years collection and really speaks to the strength and versatility of Jumya Wantanabe. I picked a few pieces that I really liked, mainly liked the colours and the textures used in all three outfits. There are loads more pictures to enjoy.

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Bally F/W 2012

British designer Graeme Fidler and Michael Herz are back to doing some great stylish pieces for this years fall & winter. Bally’s fall and winter collection is going back to what Bally have been all about which is this idea of designing pieces that can stand the test of time but yet make the clothing  appropiate for its time. The new collection offers some beautiful high quality leather and sheepskin combinations and great attention to individuality in each piece. When you look at the collection you notice a lot of attention has been paid to the jackets and coats they are all amazing pieces. The outwear and the rest of the clothing all have a tailored look which really brings the collection together quite nicely. Bally have kept it very simple with colours this season with 4 colours brown, camel, black and grey, I personally love the idea as they seem to be colours of the f/w season. Have a look at the rest of the collection, Enjoy.

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The Vault of Ultimate Cool – Tumblr

The Vault of Ultimate Cool – Tumblr

This is a small post about the tumblr site that accompanies this blog, admittedly I did start this tumblr before my blog. The tumblr blog is the place where all my inspiration lies like a mini portal into my creative mind. I am always things new creative things and hopefully in the coming months I will be able to share that with you guys, I am currently working on a number of projects and improving on some past things. Please do take the time to look through my blog and I hope that it may  trigger some creative juices.

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Pitti Immagine 2012 – Street Style

With Pitti Immagine being one of the most biggest fashion events in the world, it is no surprise that the street style surrounding the event is so massive. Pitti Immagine attracts some of the biggest names in fashion including fashion designers, bloggers and photographers. The photographs on Pitti street style has become a big thing because it has forged a connection with with people outside fashion. Giving people a greater sense of what true style is, I thought I would gather some photos that I really liked from this years Pitti event.

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Icon of Cool: Wale Oyejide

If you haven’t heard of the name before I am sure you will after he is responsible for the amazing blog Less Gentlemen, where he shares a plethora of information including fashion, music and lifestyle. He is currently working as a Attorney in Philadelphia, he used to be musician before he decided to Law School. This first thing I respect about Wale is the he has found a real unique way to write in his blog, by almost unearthing this musical poetry through his musings. I also adore the photography on this website and 12RND is responsible for such quality.

Wale was one of Esquire’s Best Dressed Real Men and he is included in many sartorial circles including The Selected Few & The Commonwealth Proper. All the outfits on the website, are either bespoke or fit really well, he is also all about the details; from pocket square to hand jewellery. The pattern and colour is what really catches my attention, they are individually very different but combined work wonderfully. In terms of bespoke suiting and true style, Wale represents the reason why it needs to be done so well because it has become who he is. Granted he does not sleep & eat in tailored suits, but he has made it something more that just dressing well but a representation of what he does and who he is.

When you read his blog posts it always feels like you could do that much more to achieve your dreams and you have the overwhelming feeling that your dreams are in your hands it just takes hard work . He is a man that has worked hard to get where is and and be able to expose himself the way he has. Do Check his website  Less Gentlemen it is great inspiration.

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